Hosted by G.R. Mobley, Reclaiming the Republic is a solution based and educational program designed to initiate the end of tyrannical rule and the debasing of our society and a return to civility and enlightenment. Therefore, in broadcasting on Red State Talk Radio, G. R, Mobley hopes to engage you in the perpetual town hall process in “Reclaiming the Republic” and restoring our hybrid Constitutional Republic as the framers intended.  Consequently, please feel free to dial-in when time permits to engage in the Constitutional revolution; one that will not require bullets or blood shed.

G.R. Mobley is a Retired Marine who has worked and served in the Intelligence Community, either as a discipline leader or an engineering leader for over 35 years. With a passion for history and government, he has been a life-long self-educator and student of our founding documents. He has committed much of his life to public service and leadership in one form or another and hosts a local radio show on Spokane’s KSBN AM1230 radio called “Reclaiming the Republic.” G. R. has turned his analytical focus and insight into scouring historical references and source documents of the birth of the Republic, to bring to light relevant information regarding our hybrid Constitutional Republic that has been obfuscated by nationalist and the secular progressives for the past two centuries and has identified that the necessary power has always resided with the sovereign’s (i.e. States and the People) to save our Constitution.  His writings and his message will convince reasonable people that the Constitution and the Republic can be saved if the States will only assert their authority within the Republic.  This desire and intent is to restore America to its’ greatness, must be based upon natural law and the principles that the framers relied upon in the founding of this nation before it is too late.  G. R. Mobley points out the ONLY way we will be able to succeed in doing this is by following the standard the framers set by putting aside our differences and self-interests and focus on the same objectives.

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