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TESTIMONIALS for THE Billboard in Times Square

“That’s a heck of a billboard!!!!” “That billboard is fantastic!”

– Charles Payne, Fox News Channel

“A Times Square Billboard Hits Ocasio-Cortez on Amazon.”

 – The New York Times

“Check out the sign in Times Sq.!”

– Laura Ingraham, Tweet

Billboard Strategies

Optimize your billboard space by deploying integrated marketing and branding strategies that connect your online website & social media with your billboard investment to achieve maximum engagement.

Online Integration

Red State Talk Radio showcases a video reel of our billboard in Times Square featuring various talk show hosts. This approach simultaneously enables listeners who live outside of New York City to share the Times Square experience, while also bringing credibility and prestige to the brand.

Cross Promotion

The Scott Adams Show uses social media to cross promote the show and the entire Red State Talk Radio portfolio. Red State Talk Radio promotes its long standing Times Square billboard presence through the use of a “pinned” Tweet from April 2017, a history which builds advertiser confidence.


The billboard is also an excellent platform for fundraising including program and capital campaigns, contests, and other donor outreach initiatives. For example, a Fund The Wall campaign enticed donors to make a contribution by adding a personal brick to a digital wall illustrated on the billboard. Another client created a campaign which challenged pedestrians to take a snapshot of the billboard and post the photo on social media with a particular hashtag to win a free book.


The billboard is also a perfect vehicle for event promotion given the high volume of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Agencies often purchase the most cost-effective annual 1-minute per hour presence while co-oping their hourly minute with strategic partnerships.

Price Sheet for 2020 – Call: 215-592-1600 for our 2020 Promotion, 50% OFF Special!


Radio Package Frequency Evenly over Both Channels 30 Second Run/monthly rate 60 Second Run/monthly rate
1/4 Run 12ads/day 12 ads per day $24/day/$720/mo$360.00 $36/day/$1080$540.00
1/2 run – 24 ads 24 ads per day $48/day/$1440/mo$720.00 $72/day/$2160$1080.00
1/1 run – 24 ads 48 ads per day $96/day/$2880/mo$1440.00 $144/day/$4320$2160.00


Package Details Quarterly Monthly Rate Annual Monthly Rate
Hourly 15 (6-minutes/day) 180 Minutes / Month | (15-sec / every hour) $3000.00$1500.00 $2400.00$1200.00
Hourly 60 (1-Minute/Hour) 720 Minutes / Month | (Best Value, Most flexibility for co-oping and/or sharing your billboard presence! 1-Min/2-30sec/4-15sec / Hour) $7800.00 $3900.00 $4800.00 $2400.00


Package Details Quarterly Monthly Rate Annual Monthly Rate
Banner Across the Middle 580px x 100px $1200.00$600.00 $900.00$450.00
Box Ad Right Column 290px x 250px $750.00 $375.00 $500.00 $250.00
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