US Military Leak Exposes NATO Special Forces’ Presence in Ukraine 

The following article, US Military Leak Exposes NATO Special Forces’ Presence in Ukraine , was first published on Big League Politics.

According to secret United States military documents that were leaked to the public, NATO has 97 special forces personnel in Ukraine, which includes 50 British, 14 American, and 15 French forces, during Russia’s military invasion of the country.

The documents apparently provided a partial overview of US military assessments of the situation in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict and showcased the presence of NATO  forces in the country as of March 1, 2023, per British media outlets reported on these details on March , 11, 2023.

The documents were designated as “secret” and were originally prepared for senior US military officials. The documents featured daily updates containing information about NATO military operations, logistics, weapons deliveries, and training for Ukrainian military forces.

On top of that, the leaked documents showed that the special forces could become a part of NATO’s Special Forces Command run by the military alliance’s special operations headquarters. However, the exact details of how the forces are organized were not listed out specifically.

Another British news outlet, Declassified UK, reported that the 14 US special operators in Ukraine were among the 29 American military units present in the country that were composed of the Marine security detachment at the US Embassy in Kiev and military attaches.

Additionally, it revealed that 71 State Department personnel were listed as present in Ukraine, which placed the total number of Americans in the country at 100, despite American authorities’ claims that no US forces would be participating in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. 

Per the report, although US special forces hail from two units — 

Navy SEALs and the Delta Force — the British definition goes beyond the Special Air Service (SAS) and applies to marines, paratroopers, and other units as well.

The British special forces  the SAS, the Special Boat Service, the Special Reconnaissance Regiment, in addition to several other cover military units such as the 18 (UKSF) Signals Regiment have been listed as present in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. 

Indeed, the Anglo-American national security establishment has a vested interest in trying to cause mayhem in Ukraine. Part of the grand strategy of this axis is to impose a “divide and rule” dynamic in Europe that keeps Russia completely alienated from Europe in terms of economics and politics. Europe would be better served by maintaining a balanced foreign policy that treats Russia with respect and that does not blindly follow the policy prescription coming from London and Washington. 

Such devotion will lead to Europe’s eventual economic and political decline.

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