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charles butler billboard 1200Charles Butler is the host of the conservative talk show “The Reality Check” and a financial adviser, based in Chicago, the third largest market in America. Mr. Butler declared support for President Trump in June of 2015.  He has called for the National Guard to be sent to Chicago to quell the war zone like atmosphere  since 2007.  The term Chiraq, in response to more citizens killed in Chicago than, Iraq, was coined on his radio show. He confronted Mayors Daley and Emanuel on “sanctuary city” policies.  He has been a vocal opponent of H1B visa quotas legal and the illegal immigration issue, calling on public officials to “obey and enforce laws on the books”.  Once called a ‘Protectionist” by elite economists, his precepts are legitimized by Pres. Trump’s opinions and efforts on trade and bringing jobs back to America.

His favorite quote is “Liberalism seems to be related to the distance people are from the problem.” — Whitney Young.” He coined the phrase “never allow others’s perceptions to become your reality” and “Urban Terrorists are killing our Black Youth” about the carnage in Chicago.

Mr. Butler is University of Michigan graduate, former Naval Officer, Commercial Rated Pilot, and avid sailor, golfer and cyclist. He has been involved in local, state, and national politics since 1982. He has received numerous awards for his community and national service to the country. He is currently working on his book, “The Miseducation of the Black American: Misled by Preachers, Teachers and Politicians”

Website: www.therealitycheckcharlesbutler.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/CharlesButlerconservative Twitter: www.twitter.com/CharlesButler52

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