REVEALED: Biden Stored Classified Documents In “China Town” Near Penn Biden Center

During a House Oversight Committee hearing regarding President Joe Biden’s classified document scandal Tuesday, a massive new revelation came to light.

In testimony given to the committee, Biden’s former assistant while Vice President, Kathy Chung, testified that Biden stored classified documents at a number of remote locations around Washington, D.C.: an office near the White House, an office in Chinatown, and the infamous Penn Biden Center.

House Oversight Committee Chair Rep. James Comer (R-KY) released a statement shortly after Chung gave her testimony:

Today we learned that when Joe Biden left the vice presidency, boxes containing classified documents, vice presidential records, and other items were stored in three different locations around the Washington D.C. area, including an office near the White House, an office in Chinatown, and eventually the Penn Biden Center.  At some point, the boxes containing classified materials were transported by personal vehicle to an office location.  The boxes were not in a ‘locked closet’ at the Penn Biden Center and remained accessible to Penn Biden employees as well as potentially others with access to the office space.  We need to find out who had access to these documents.

In a Tuesday evening visit on “Jesse Watters Primetime,” Comer expanded upon the committee’s latest findings:

We brought Kathy Chung in today for a transcribed interview, and I want to thank Ms. Chung puggleki for working and cooperating with our committee and answering questions. We learned a lot. First of all, we learned that the documents didn’t just start mysteriously moving around in December of 2022 or November of 2022, like the White House has alleged. She said this dates back to May of 2022, that the documents were moved from the vice presidency to at least three different locations in a personal vehicle. And while they were in three different locations, we don’t know. They weren’t stored behind any lock. One of the locations was in Chinatown. Another location was in the Penn Biden Center, which might as well have been Chinatown.

One of Biden’s assistants, Kathy Chung, was caught squirreling classified documents all over DC. She was even stashing them in Chinatown. You can’t make this up. @RepJamesComer has the details. pic.twitter.com/0h1B1gWrOt

— Jesse Watters (@JesseBWatters) April 5, 2023

Biden’s classified document scandal is one of a number of investigations Congressional Republicans are conducting surrounding the president.

The House Oversight Committee is also closely looking into the Biden family’s foreign business dealings with Chinese Communist Party-linked operatives.

Late last month, news broke that Hunter Biden’s former business partner, who has strong ties to China, visited the White House 16 times throughout Biden’s terms as veep.

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