Over the course of my life I’ve always been involved in the community in which I resided no matter where in the world it happened to be. For most of my life I have traveled extensively and I’ve worked with people on every continent with the exception of Antarctica. These individuals have run the scope of status in life be it someone who digs ditches or the head of a nation. At some point in my life I’ve walked in the shoes of everyone involved in a legal profession. I’m a mother, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. I’ve enjoyed each of these roles, but especially being a mom! I homeschooled my children, and I probably learned more in the process than they did LOL! I determined that textbooks which I had utilized in my school years we’re oft times incorrect in their recording of history. Travel is the best educator! In my life experience I’ve had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I value these experiences, as much wisdom and skill was gained by going through these times.

Email: reba@redstatetalkradio.com

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Select the TOP RINO (Republican In Name Only) in Washington.
Who is the best president?
  • President Donald J. Trump
  • Clinton wearing Monica's blue dress in the Jeffrey Epstein Painting.
  • Michael's Husband Barry.
  • Mr. PhotoOp looking through the capped binoculars George NumNutz Bush.
  • The Masked Weirdo named #QuidProJoe.