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Merkel defends lobbying for Wirecard on 2019 China visit

FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel has defended her lobbying for Wirecard during a 2019 visit to China, testifying before a parliamentary committee Friday that the payments company received no special treatment and that it was in Germany’s interest to promote its businesses. Merkel said Wirecard’s aim …

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SpaceX Rocket Launches Astronauts To International Space Station  

SpaceX Rocket Launches Astronauts To International Space Station   SpaceX launched its third crewed mission to the International Space Station (ISS) early Friday morning under darkness.  A SpaceX Crew Dragon aboard a Falcon 9 rocket carrying four astronauts blasted towards low Earth orbit around 0549 ET from Cape Canaveral, Florida. The Dragon

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Army ‘trailblazer’ Maj. Gen. Suzanne Vares-Lum retires

Gov. David Ige recently noted that Maj. Gen. Suzanne Vares-Lum made history as the first Native Hawaiian female to attain the rank of general officer in the Army. Her 34 years in the Army—leading up to her retirement in a ceremony last week on the fantail of the battleship Missouri—charted the increasing inclusivity of

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Russian troops start pulling back from Ukrainian border

MOSCOW (AP) – Russian troops began pulling back to their permanent bases Friday after a massive buildup that caused Ukrainian and Western concerns. On Thursday, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu declared the sweeping maneuvers in Crimea and wide swaths of western Russia over, and ordered the military to pull the

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China secretly sends food aid to North Korea by rail

This article was originally published by Radio Free Asia and is reprinted with permission. A freight train loaded with Chinese corn has arrived in North Korea, the first international cargo train to cross the Sino-Korean border in more than a year amid warnings of dire shortages in the impoverished North,

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EU May Sue AstraZeneca Over Botched COVID Vaccine Rollout

EU May Sue AstraZeneca Over Botched COVID Vaccine Rollout AstraZeneca has faced unceasing criticism since the start of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout due to sloppy communications with regulators and governments that led to several halts during the testing phase (including a month-long halt to a US trial following disturbing cases

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Daimler profit jumps to 4.4 billion euros, margin outlook up

FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) – German car and truck maker Daimler AG says net profit rebounded strongly to 4.4 billion euros ($5.3 billion) in the first three months of the year, as the global economic recovery and demand for the company’s lineup of luxury vehicles in China fattened the bottom line.

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Denmark tells some Syrians to leave, separating families

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) – An email brought Faeza Satouf’s world to a standstill. The 25-year-old Syrian refugee had fled the civil war with her family in an all-too-familiar journey across the sea to Europe, where they finally arrived in Denmark and were granted asylum in 2015. Yet six years …

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