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Vladimir Putin: Pushing Transgenderism on Children is “Monstrous”

During the annual Valdai Discussion Club event, held in Sochi, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a blistering attack on the woke West, describing its attempts to push transgenderism on children as “monstrous.” ZeroHedge reports that he went after a variety of other topics too, giving a wide-ranging speech in which

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The Chicago Marxists and Woke Political Followers are Fracturing Western Society, Paving The Way For Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping to Expand, LOOK

When the Australian government began beating their citizens in the street for leaving their houses and protesting against severe lockdown rules, I said –somewhat tongue in cheek at the time– to watch Vladimir Putin (Russia) and Xi Jinping (China) trigger U.N. security council sanctions against the Australian government for human

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Senior al-Qaeda Leader Dead After US Strike in Syria: CENTCOM

A U.S. airstrike in northwest Syria has killed a senior al-Qaeda leader on Friday, the U.S. Central Command announced in a release. U.S. Army Maj. John Rigsbee, a CENTCOM spokesperson, said Abdul Hamid al-Matar was killed in the vicinity of Suluk in northwest Syria. The strike was conducted using an MQ-9

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China-India Military Talks FAIL! What It Means

Please Follow us on Gab, Minds, Telegram, Rumble, Gab TV, GETTR Tensions between China and India have mounted over the last 17 months and things don’t seem to be cooling down. After a military buildup and on their shared border and high-level military talks failed, everyone’s holding their breath to see what will happen next. Watch

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Taibbi: Cancel Culture Takes A Big “L”

Taibbi: Cancel Culture Takes A Big “L” Authored by Matt Taibbi via TK News, First, there were the numbers. Over the course of the last week, news commentators predicted a huge demonstration of Netflix employees in protest of comedian Dave Chappelle’s The Closer special, with Yahoo! typifying coverage. “Reports say

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