Hero Marines prevent stabbing at Chick-fil-A, break knife in half

A stabbing that nearly occurred at a Virginia Chick-fil-A on Saturday was interrupted by three quick-thinking Marines, whom local authorities have praised for breaking up a fight between three teenagers.

When a knife was pulled during an altercation between three males, the Marines jumped in to separate them, according to a press release from the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office. 

One of the Marines broke the knife in half. Two of the males, aged 17 and 14, fled and were later arrested in a CVS parking lot down the street.

The knife pulled during a fight at a Virginia Chick-fil-A. (Stafford County Sheriff’s Office/Released)

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The boys each have been charged with assault and battery, as well as robbery. The 17-year-old was also charged with attempted felony wounding, according to the press release.

“Thank you to the hero Marines who stepped up in order to protect the victim,” the press release stated. “Without you, this altercation could have been a lot worse.”

The incident occurred around 1:41 p.m. when the third male was approached by the other two now facing charges. The three got into an argument that quickly escalated into a physical altercation described in the press release as “the two males assault[ing] the victim.”

Police said the third male was also a teenager, the Daily Progress reported.

One of the two assailants pulled the knife, prompting the three “hero Marines” to respond, according to the press release, which said that “three nearby Marines quickly jumped into action and attempted to separate the parties.”

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Though no one was stabbed during the incident, the third male said that one of the two assailants stole his cell phone, according to the press release.

After their arrest, the two males were detained at a juvenile detention center and were scheduled to appear in court Monday.

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