BREAKING: Chinese President Xi Says China is Ready to Facilitate Peace Talks

It is quickly becoming clear that China is trying to dominate the world stage and dismantle the United States as the leading global super power.

On Thursday, Chinese president Xi Jinping called for peace talks over the Ukraine crisis after he had a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron who urged him to “bring Russia to its senses.”

“Xi gave no sign China, which declared it had a “no limits friendship” with Moscow before last year’s attack, had changed its stance since calling for peace talks in February. But he added his personal authority by repeating the appeal at a joint event with Macron in front of reporters,” reported The Diplomat.

“Peace talks should resume as soon as possible,” Xi announced.

Although Beijing attempts to appear impartial in the conflict, it views Moscow as a valuable ally in countering U.S. dominance in global affairs. Consequently, China has provided diplomatic backing to Putin and reiterated Russian justifications for the February 2022 attack. During Xi’s recent visit to Moscow, he received an enthusiastic reception from Putin, which boosted the morale of the isolated Russian president.

Xi referred to the “legitimate security concerns of all parties,” acknowledging Moscow’s assertion that the eastward expansion of NATO, the U.S.-European military alliance, justified its invasion of Ukraine.

Governments should “avoid taking actions that will further make the crisis deteriorate or even get out of control,” Xi added.

“We need to find a lasting peace,” Macron said at the meeting. “I believe that this is also an important issue for China, as much as it is for France and for Europe.”

The largest purchaser of Russian oil and gas is China, providing critical support to the Kremlin’s income amidst Western sanctions. This dynamic strengthens China’s sway, but Xi seems hesitant to endanger this alliance by exerting pressure on Putin.

“China has always adhered to an objective and fair position on the issue of the Ukraine crisis,” said Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Mao Ning. “We have been an advocate of a political solution to the crisis and a promoter of peace talks.”

The Diplomat reported:

Earlier, Macron said during a meeting with the ruling Communist Party’s No. 2 leader, Premier Li Qiang, that France wants to “build a common path” in dealing with “all the major conflicts” in addition to Ukraine.

Li said there was likely to be a “broad consensus” between Macron and Xi but gave no indication whether Beijing might be willing to lobby Moscow to make peace.

The meeting will “send positive signals of concerted efforts by China, France and Europe to maintain world peace and stability,” Li said.

China is taking the role of leader of the free world from the US.

— Washington Investigator (@WaInvestigator) April 6, 2023

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