Air Force Revoking Members’ Security Clearances in Retaliation For Opposition to Vaccine, Attorney Alleges

Even though the U.S. military has rescinded the COVID vaccine mandate, an attorney alleges that some service members who refused to get the shot are still facing retaliatory action.
Regarding service members who sought religious accommodation to the COVID-19 vaccine, Attorney Lt. Col. (ret.) R. Davis Younts recently told The Epoch Times that “many of [his] clients are facing retaliation for their religious convictions and some commanders are using every administrative process possible to find ways to end their career or simply make continued service miserable.”
Younts is now witnessing what he considers a “disturbing trend” for those who previously objected to the COVID-19 vaccine for religious reasons and concerns about the vaccine’s efficacy. Over the past several weeks, he has become aware of at least eight members of the Air Force who have had their security clearances threatened….

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