Patriot Games – Stephanie M. Davis

Bronx born and Boston raised, Stephanie M. Davis is a media entrepreneur, raconteur, social critic, public speaker and journalist and host of Patriot Games on the Red State Talk Radio network. Past interviews subjects include:

· Grover Norquist
· Frances Rice
· Walter Williams
· Scott Brown
· Alan West
· Jackie Cushman-Gingrich
· John Bolton

As host of Patriot Games, her aim is to provide listeners with Insightful, Entertaining and Provocative listening fare.

On a more personal note, Stephanie is a Pro-Life, Pro-Growth, Pro-Constitution Republican who takes a “Live Free or Die” “Don’t Tread on Me” approach to policy. The individual is the most fundamentally important member of American society. Without strong individuals, America can’t maintain its strength as a nation.

To contact Stephanie directly, email: