Republicans warn BLM eyeing land grab along Texas-Oklahoma border | Fox News

Texas vs the BLM

Texas officials are raising alarm that the Bureau of Land Management, on the heels of its dust-up with Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, might be eyeing a massive land grab in northern Texas. The under-the-radar issue has caught the attention of Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who fired off a letter on Tuesday to BLM Director […]


GAO report details ObamaCare shakedown | Human Events

The ObamaCare Shakedown

There are many ways in which the Obama Administration benefits from a sycophantic media.  One of the biggest is the way media memory banks are flushed and rebooted every couple of months, preventing Americans (especially the fabled Low Information Voters, who pay only cursory attention to the news) from developing any sense of historical memory […]


Calif. tax preparers paid bounty for every Obamacare sign-up | The Daily Caller

U.S. President Obama listens as Johnson, one of five supporters of Obamacare he is having lunch with, speaks at The Coupe restaurant in Washington

Tax-preparing companies are getting paid by an Obamacare exchange to enroll people in Obamacare plans, The Daily Caller has learned. At least 79 tax service providers, including offices of major companies like Liberty Tax Service and Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, are listed as certified Obamacare enrollment entities in the state of California, according to state […]


Both at Home and Abroad, Obama’s Presidency is Floundering – Donald Lambro

Capt. Flounder

WASHINGTON — Barack Obama is getting a number of critical report cards on his foreign and domestic policies lately. Here at home, Janet Yellen, in her first monetary policy address as the head of the Federal Reserve Board, said the labor markets were still weak, and that it will likely take two years or more […]


Maryland Obamacare exchange wasted $90M on abandoned tech | The Daily Caller


Maryland has given up on its Obamacare website, but not before spending $90 million of taxpayer funding on technology, according to a cost breakdown released Friday. Of the $90 million, exchange board Chairman Joshua Sharfstein said that the marketplace spent $55 million on the website itself, The Washington Post reports. Officials opted in late March, […]


American Thinker: In his own words: Barack Obama on Christianity and Islam


A website called Now The End Begins has compiled 40 comments by Barack Obama on Christianity and Islam. Collectively, they create quite an interesting picture.  I admit that there may be instances of the president speaking as favorably of Christianity as he does of Islam, but I am not aware of them. I do remember […]


Lerner was in contact with DOJ about prosecuting tax-exempt groups | The Daily Caller

Lois Lerner

Former head of the IRS tax-exempt division Lois Lerner communicated with the Justice Department about the possibility of criminally prosecuting certain tax-exempt groups, new documents reveal. According to the conservative government accountability group Judicial Watch, email exchanges between Lerner and Nikole C. Flax, the Chief of Staff to then-Acting IRS Commissioner Steven T. Miller, reveal […]


Meet Sylvia Burwell, The Titanic’s New Captain | The American Spectator

The New Captain of the Titanic

The replacement of Kathleen Sebelius by Sylvia Mathews Burwell as the Secretary of Health and Human Services has been portrayed by the legacy “news” media as a new lease on life for Obamacare. The party line is that Sebelius was mortally wounded by GOP exploitation of a single uncharacteristic mistake — the botched rollout of […]


Eric Holder’s whine | New York Post

16th Annual National Action Network's Convention

Eric Holder dropped a race bomb in New York City this week by telling a largely black audience that Republicans are guilty of “unprecedented, unwarranted, ugly and divisive” attacks on him. “Forget about me,” he told Al Sharpton’s National Action Network. “Look at the way the attorney general of the United States was treated yesterday […]


Judges: ‘Law Provides Executive No Authority’ to Cut Drug Sentences As Holder Did | CNS News

Our Tyrannical Attorney General

( — Two federal judges on the U.S. Sentencing Commission said Thursday that Attorney General Eric Holder stepped “outside the legal system” and exceeded the authority of the executive branch by sending “improper instruction” to federal prosecutors to reduce drug sentences before they were officially approved by either the commission or Congress. “I have been […]


American Thinker: Nightmare: Feds seizing money from children for old debts of their parents


In a case that is a perfect storm illustration of an arbitrary and incompetent federal government running roughshod over its citizens, “a single sentence tucked into the farm bill” had led to outrageous behavior. Marc Fisher of the Washington Post: A few weeks ago, with no notice, the U.S. government intercepted Mary Grice’s tax refunds from […]


Sebelius ejected, Obama announces replacement | The Daily Caller

The Official ObamaCare Scapegoat

Kathleen Sebelius has been pushed out of her job as head of the Department of Health and Human Services, just a short time after President Barack Obama declared Obamacare operational in an April 1 Rose Garden appearance. The long-planned departure is not a surprise, and President Barack Obama already has her replacement lined up. She’s […]


Committee Votes to Refer Lois Lerner for Possible Criminal Prosecution | CNS News


( – The House Ways and Means Committee voted 23 to 14 today to refer former IRS official Lois Lerner to Attorney General Eric Holder for possible criminal prosecution. The vote broke along party lines. Before the vote, in a contentious open-to-the-public hearing that lasted only few minutes, the House Ways and Means Committee voted […]


Latest ObamaCare surprise: Most won’t be able to buy health insurance until end of year | Fox News


There is yet another ObamaCare surprise waiting for consumers: from now until the next open enrollment at the end of this year, most people will simply not be able to buy any health insurance at all, even outside the exchanges. “It’s all closed down. You cannot buy a policy that is a qualified policy for […]


U.S. sees sharpest health insurance premium increases | The Daily Caller


Americans have recently been hit with some of the largest premium increases in years, according to a Morgan Stanley survey of insurance brokers. The investment bank’s April survey of 148 brokers found that this quarter, the average premium increase for customers renewing an insurance plan is 12 percent in the small group market and 11 […]


Committee report: No progressive groups were targeted by IRS | The Daily Caller

Lois Lerner

IRS agents testified before Congress that the agency’s political targeting did not apply to progressive groups as Democrats and the media have claimed, according to a bombshell new staff report prepared by the House Oversight Committee chairman, Rep. Darrell Issa. IRS agents testified before Oversight that ACORN groups were scrutinized because the agency thought they […]


Inmates getting coverage under ObamaCare, as states shift cost to feds | Fox News

california prison yard

WASHINGTON –  The Obama administration often touts that people with pre-existing conditions and countless others can now get covered under ObamaCare. But there’s another group that’s starting to benefit from the law — prison inmates. Cash-strapped state and local prisons increasingly are using the Affordable Care Act to pay for their inmates’ medical costs, taking […]


American Thinker: State Department can’t account for $6 billion in last 6 years

Hillary Clinton

Another Hillary Clinton legacy at the State Department is going to need a lot of explaining, aside from Benghazi and the lack of any notable achievements. There has been, in the most charitable interpretation, grave sloppiness in spending and accounting for money at the cabinet agency run by Hillary Clinton.  Brianna Ehley of the Fiscal […]


Gibbs: We’ll Probably End Up Just Dumping Obamacare’s Employer Mandate – Guy Benson

Robert Gibbs

As you read this, keep in mind that Robert Gibbs isn’t some marginal figure. He is as close to Barack Obama’s inner circle as anyone in America, and served as the administration’s official mouthpiece for years. So when he starts talking about significant changes to Obamacare, people should sit up and listen. These remarks could […]


15-20 Percent Aren’t Paying Obamacare Premiums, Insurer Says –


One of the biggest players in Obamacare’s exchanges says 15 to 20 percent of its new customers aren’t paying their first premium—which means they’re not actually covered. The latest data come from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, whose members—known collectively as “Blues” plans—are participating in the exchanges in almost every state. Roughly 80 to […]


The three faces of ObamaCare | Human Events

King Barry

Byron York writes at the Washington Examiner of ObamaCare’s three faces, citing figures from the L.A. Times: The Times says the numbers break down like this: 4.5 million previously uninsured people are now on Medicaid; 3 million previously uninsured young people are now covered because of a provision that allows them to stay on their parents’ policies until age […]


The ACA: Still Falling Short | National Review Online


The Obamacare open-enrollment season (supposedly) closed yesterday, so it is good time to step back and assess where things stand with the law and its first-year implementation. Interestingly, Obamacare remains something of a Rorschach test for journalists and health-policy analysts. Looking at the same set of facts, two observers can reach very different conclusions. For […]


Red State Talk Radio Top 5 for March!


The following programs are the Top 5 Programs on Red State Talk Radio for the month of March. Check the broadcast schedule and give them a listen and see why they’re so popular. Top 5 Programs #1:  Plain Talk Radio #2:  Dan Cofall Show #3:  Josh Bernstein Show #4:  America Talks #5:  Red State Town […]


Obamacare site in meltdown on Obamacare enrollment day | The Daily Caller

A man looks over the Affordable Care Act signup page on the website in New York in this photo illustration is in the midst of another tech meltdown on the day Obamacare enrollment is scheduled to end. The entire site was offline for hours early Monday morning due to a software bug discovered just before the deadline. was shut down from 3:20 a.m. until around 7:45 a.m. to repair the problem. The Wall […]


Papa Reid | National Review Online

Papa Reid

Another man might have assumed, correctly, that launching a campaign of insult and insinuation against two billionaires would result in renewed attention to his own finances. Not Harry Reid. The Senate Democratic leader since 2005, and the Senate majority leader since 2007, is not one to reflect before speaking. His mouth runs far ahead of […]


Obamacare Enrollment Numbers? ‘They Are Lying to Us,’ Rep. Blackburn Says | CNS News

Marsha Blackburn (R) Tennessee

( – The Obama administration now says more than 6 million people have signed up for Obamacare, but critical information is missing, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) told Fox News on Friday. “I think that they are lying to us about who has paid, who has not paid, who is getting subsidies…They don’t want to give […]


Reid: I “Never Said a Word” About Those Obamacare Horror Stories Being Lies – Daniel Doherty

Senile Dingy Harry

Yes, he did. As Guy wrote last month, Reid argued that every single person who ever claimed Obamacare had negatively impacted them — or their families — were liars and frauds. He blamed many of their “tales” on false advertisements advanced by — surprise! — the “Koch brothers,” conservative billionaires who were trying to “buy […]


Reverse the Defense Cuts | National Review Online

USS George Washington

On January 23, 1980, Jimmy Carter delivered his final State of the Union address. It was a difficult time: Iran held American diplomats captive, and the Soviet Union had just invaded Afghanistan. “As we meet tonight,” the president told the assembled members of Congress, “it has never been more clear that the state of our […]


HHS Grants Extra Time for Last-Minute Obamacare Subscribers to Enroll | CNS News


WASHINGTON (AP) — People who’ve started applying for health insurance but aren’t able to finish before the March 31 enrollment deadline will get extra time, the Obama administration announced Tuesday. “We are experiencing a surge in demand and are making sure that we will be ready to help consumers who may be in line by […]


Report: Great majority of illegal immigrants immune from deportation due to Obama immigration ‘priorities’ | The Daily Caller


The Obama administration’s immigration polities have provided a de facto amnesty for most of the illegal immigrants living in the United States, according to Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions. “Under the guise of setting ‘priorities,’ the Administration has determined that almost anyone in the world who can enter the United States is free to illegally […]


ObamaCare: the mistake America could not afford | Human Events

The ObamaCare Black Hole

Journalistic icon Bob Woodward has been in hot water with the Obama Administration and its more enthusiastic apologists for a while now.  He’s not going to get any more popular with that crowd after his appearance on “Fox News Sunday” last weekend, in which he related a conversation with a doctor he described as a […]


Boxer: Obamacare ‘Is a Huge Success’ | CNS News


( – “Never in my lifetime have I seen a law that is helping so many people be so vilified,” Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) told a conference call on Friday. She talked about the millions of people in her state who are benefiting from the law that Republicans have tried to repeal 54 times. “This […]


Young Invincibles Obamacare raffle for math-deficient | The Daily Caller

The Snake Oil Salesman at work.

An advocacy group that claims to represent the interests of Americans aged 18 to 34 is raffling off a cash prize of $1,200 in an effort to spur people in the ostensibly youthful age cohort to sign up for government-mandated health insurance before the March 31 enrollment deadline. The advocacy group is Young Invincibles, a […]


Obama’s Midterm Misconception | National Review Online

Mr. Delusional

As the prognosticators have adjusted their horoscopes and hesitantly determined that the Republicans may well have a fruitful November, President Obama has sought refuge in a fantasy. “In midterms,” Obama complained to donors last night, “we get clobbered, either because we don’t think it’s important or because we get so discouraged about what’s happening in […]


Poll: Clinton’s gender is her top 2016 selling point | The Daily Caller

Hillary Clinton

If Hillary Clinton runs for president in 2016 her top selling point will be — not her experience, not her competency, or intelligence — the fact that if she would be the first U.S. president with ovaries. A new Gallup poll released Friday found that when asked what the best or most positive thing about […]