Xi Jinping Destroys Private Media Ownership; Former FBI Agent Details New Arrest of Nuclear Engineer

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Chinese leader Xi Jinping continues clamping down on various sectors in China. The newest victims are banks and news outlets. All it takes to destroy them is one proposal. We bring you up to date on what the Chinese Communist Party is doing to their own arms and legs, as well as what it means for the future of private ownership in China. Then, we switch gears and discuss Johnathan Toebbe, a nuclear engineer who tried to sell U.S. nuclear secrets to a fake foreign power, which turned out to be an FBI agent in disguise. How did that play out? I asked Marc Ruskin, a former undercover agent for the FBI with 27 years of experience in the bureau. His book, “The Pretender,” details the exact scenarios we see in movies and television in real life.

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