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World’s Oldest Living Air Force General Recalls World War II Stories

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Harry E. Goldsworthy turned 107 years old on April 13 and is believed to be the world’s oldest living Air Force general. He served for a total of 35 years—33 in the Air Force and 2 in the Army Infantry Reserve, primarily as a pilot. “I love flying, and I got to fly a lot of different airplanes, and I enjoyed that. But I enjoyed the camaraderie of the military. I enjoyed the pomp and ceremony,” Goldsworthy told NTD Television. Goldsworthy was born in 1914 in Spokane, Washington, and grew up on a farm. He graduated from Washington State with a reserved commission in the Army Infantry. He went on to flight training and graduated as a second lieutenant in the Air Corps in 1940. Goldsworthy recalls flying long, tiring missions over the ocean at night during World War II. He was first stationed in Puerto Rico and later moved …

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