WATCH: America Was One Inch Away From a President Harris as Biden Almost Falls Down Air Force One Stairs

On Monday, President Biden flew to San Diego to discuss a submarine deal with British and Australian Prime Ministers. However, Biden literally almost fell to his death because he nearly missed the first step going down the stairs.

‘Biden vs. stairs’ has been quite the rivalry since he took the oval office, as this isn’t the first time he’s struggled going up or down the stairs on Air Force One. Stairs are a true menace to society. They’ve been known to cause everything from tripping and falling to… well, tripping and falling again.


Here are more instances Biden failing:

Joe Biden tripped up the stairs again…


— ALX (@alx) March 6, 2023

Joe Biden falls on plane stairs again yesterday, Whilst boarding his flight back to Delaware from Alabama. pic.twitter.com/JhZooGCEtX

— Censored Men (@CensoredMen) March 6, 2023

Roses are red
violets are blue
I’m like Joe Biden on a bike,
the way i’m falling for you. pic.twitter.com/P6SltXCSO5

— Angelina Támez (@AngelinaTamezTX) February 14, 2023

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