War Room Pandemic Thursday Show Recap 9/22

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Episode 2172: The Pit Of Hell Of Spending; Live From FAIR Day 2: We Need Border Security

Episode 2173: Arizona Ranchers Are Having To Deal With Migrant Deaths On Their Own

Episode 2174: Every State Is a Border State And They Are Feeling The Pain From Biden’s Border Crisis

Battleground EP 143: Breaking Down The Data That The Establishment Fears

Alex DeGrasse Dives Into Polling Of Races Leading Up To 2022 Midterm Elections

Richard Baris Discusses Groups That Republicans And Democrats Are Targeting Leading Up To Midterms

Tiffany Polifko: America Must Take Identity Politics Out of Classrooms

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Putin Announces Partial Mobilization of 300,000 Reservists In Escalation Of War On Ukraine: Accuses West Of Wanting To “Destroy” Russia“This War Is About Extinguishing Ukraine’s Right To Exist As A State,” Biden Tells UN

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Select the TOP RINO (Republican In Name Only) in Washington.
Who is the best president?
  • President Donald J. Trump
  • Clinton wearing Monica's blue dress in the Jeffrey Epstein Painting.
  • Michael's Husband Barry.
  • Mr. PhotoOp looking through the capped binoculars George NumNutz Bush.
  • The Masked Weirdo named #QuidProJoe.

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