TuneIn, Livio Score with Chevy – Audio4cast

One of the best universal portals to Internet radio on the planet is TuneIn. Formerly called RadioTime, TuneIn has been in the business of enabling listeners to search, find and listen to Internet radio for a long time. They’ve been through several rounds of funding and a management shift, not to mention some serious competition, and they’re still holding their own.

One of the things that TuneIn has done well is create partnerships with the auto industry to bring their technology into cars. This week, General Motors announced it will use Livio Connect technology to integrate the popular TuneIn music smartphone app with the Chevrolet Spark’s MyLink Radio dashboards manufactured globally.

This is good news for TuneIn and Livio, as well as all of Internet radio. TuneIn is the most sophisticated universal platform for online radio that is independent. They will play with everyone, regardless of the size of your station. No exclusive contracts necessary. Their success in creating relationships with car companies means that listeners will have more choices and stations will have more options. When Pandora and iHeartRadio announce integration with car companies, that’s good for them. When TuneIn announces the same, that’s good for the industry…

via Audio4cast.