Trump & Putin

In the wake of Trump’s historic speech in Warsaw Poland on Thursday, and the sale of defense systems and oil trade with Poland the mainstream media is having a tough time spinning the Russia narrative that Trump is too friendly with Russia. Energy independence, and Trump’s push to strengthen NATO with anti-ballistic missile assets and fair contribution of resources are all strategies that make Russia uncomfortable.

Trump and Putin will meet for the first time on Friday to discuss Syria, North Korea, sanctions, the NATO alliance, and Iran.

Russia’s Syrian naval base in Tartus, along with air supremacy and taking the fight to ISIS will dominate the discussion regarding Syria.

Trade and sanctions related to Iran, and America’s sanctions with Russia will surely prove to play a big role with dueling carrots and sticks.

North Korea, and Russia and China’s veto powers at the UN will also be discussed. Something must be done to cripple North Korea resolve to test and grow their nuclear weapon capabilities.

The world will be watching the historic first meeting between Trump and Putin. America is once again a leader on the world stage after 8 years of Obama’s failed foreign policy and Hillary’s plastic misspelled reset button.




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