Trump, Clinton Win, Bush Out – CNN


(CNN)Donald Trump ran away with South Carolina. Hillary Clinton’s strong organization and attention to local details staved off Bernie Sanders’ “political revolution” in Nevada. And Jeb Bush dropped out.

Trump has now won the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries against a fractured GOP field, while Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are battling for second place.

Clinton worked the Las Vegas casinos like her chances at the Democratic nomination depended on them, and notched a victory that stops Sanders’ momentum and puts her campaign on solid footing heading into South Carolina.

Here are CNN’s takeaways from South Carolina and Nevada:

Trump’s commanding win

Trump ran away from the pack in the Republican primary, leaving two other contenders — Rubio and Cruz — in a knife fight for second.

Trump has now taken two of the first three GOP contests, and looks dominant enough that other candidates’ chances of surpassing him could hinge on whether the five-candidate field quickly narrows.

With 99% of the expected vote in, Trump won with 33%, well ahead of Rubio and Cruz who were virtually tied at 22% — but Rubio’s position immediately looked better when Bush dropped out, leaving Rubio and Ohio Gov. John Kasich as the only candidates in the so-called establishment lane.

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