Throttle Up – Captain Kevin Smith

Hosted by Captain Kevin M. Smith U.S. Navy, an expert in critical thinking,  the Throttle-Up radio program represents an innovative format designed to both entertain and inform, and importantly provides a new way to employ critical thinking to consider America, our institutions, and it’s people in the proper context with respect to  the world we find ourselves in.  The point of view is: “What Works”.  However, because reality is often unpredictable, what will work is not often obvious, and so we must embrace critical thinking so as to comprehend non-linear productive pathways.

It might be surprising to many that one of America’s great critical thinkers was Benjamin Franklin. This may very well be the reason why we are organized along state lines instead of regions, the state being semi-autonomous.  This organization lends itself to greater levels of innovation, experimentation and small scale prototyping. If programs are first examined at the state level, so as to determine, with actual performance data, what will actually work, then success is more likely at the national level.

This is but one example of how we can cut out think old thinking, break out of our self-imposed intellectual prison, and re-engineer America’s return to greatness.

This is what Throttle-Up is all about.

Throttle Up with Capt. Kevin Smith