The Top Five Trends For The Connected Car In 2016 – TechCrunch


Many years ago, car predictions focused on what near-future vehicles would look like.  Would they be bigger or smaller and how fast would they get from 0 to 60 mph?

But today, as modern automobiles have evolved to moving machines bristling with sensors, software, processors and networks, future predictions are all about technology.  So, what are the likely features for connected cars and their environment in 2016 and what are the major trends on the horizon ?

It’s All About Personalization

Cars will be much more personalized in 2016, thanks to algorithms and context-aware software.

Besides promoting easier and safer driving, this trend will manifest in applications that will answer queries and provide assistance in identifying the nearest parking place, the best place to have dinner and optimal routes..

This might sound similar to what our smartphones can do but it’s actually a big step beyond.  Context awareness and learning algorithms will enable cars to differentiate between a work day — when getting to meetings on time and finding the closest parking lot or a valet are paramount — versus personal time, when we might be willing to make different choices. For instance, find a cheaper parking spot that minimizes walking time or locate your closest favorite restaurant.

Another aspect of personalization expected in the industry is the car’s ability to act like their drivers. The driver’s persona and preferences – to be more specific their avatar – can be moved from car to car.  Cars will understand and adapt to their driver’s behavior and preferences. This trend ties with the way millennials prefer to opt for car sharing or leasing instead of buying a vehicle.

Car manufacturers will start selling solutions that enable taking that avatar from car to car, just like we do with music playlists as we move from iPhone to Mac to iPad.

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