The Obama Deceit Doctrine – American Thinker


Americans (at least those paying any attention) know that Barack Obama routinely lies to fulfill the one promise he has not broken: to “fundamentally transform America.”  But what he has done to empower Iran and pave its way to develop nuclear weapons trumps even that boastful claim: Obama wants to, and probably will, fundamentally transform the world.

When he campaigned in 2008 Barack Obama dismissed concerns over Iran: it is just a “tiny” country that doesn’t pose a threat to us the way the Soviet Union did during the Cold War.  This was absurd.  Singapore is tiny; Andorra is tiny; the Vatican is tiny; Iran is not tiny.  There are at least 80 million Iranians and the nation itself sprawls over key geographic territory (being able to project its power over important oil-producing nations and shipping lanes; its warm weather ports have always been a tempting target for the Russians).

But then again, Obama is a geographically challenged president (there are not 57 states in America , Hawaii is not in Asia; they don’t speak Austrian in Austria; Illinois is closer to Kentucky (they share a border) than Arkansas (they do not share a border).  Iran has also been consistently held to be the number one terror-sponsoring nation in the world, responsible through its proxies, such as Hezb’allah and Shiite militias in Iraq for the deaths and injuries of thousands of Americans.  Given the economics of terrorism, violence against America can be done on the cheap, so a comparison between America’s military budget and Iran’s, something Obama is wont to do, is meaningless.

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