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June 6th 1944

June 6th 1944

The 70th anniversary of D-Day brings many honors and commemorations.  The U.S. Army has an excellent page dedicated to the event, filled with news of both living veterans and fallen heroes receiving the most heartfelt appreciation we can render – we, the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of a future they could scarcely imagine when they boarded their planes and landing craft, placing fear and hope alike in the hands of a God who would carry so many of them away from those beaches.  I wonder how many of those last, living veterans – men who have generally been reluctant to discuss their experiences – look around at the world they made, and judge its achievements thanks enough.  Make no mistake: very little of what you hold dear stands intact, in the mercifully invalidated history where the Allies failed at Normandy.

The UK Guardian offers a vignette from D-Day veterans returning to Sword Beach for the anniversary of the invasion.  96-year-old Ron Rogers recalls, “It was so smokey, there was so much noise, the noise was really quite terrific.  The Germans where shelling, we had a rocket ship to our right.  There were houses on fire in front.”  He spoke surrounded by calm seas and clear skies, while “a child piled a toy tractor with sand just yards away from him.”  What a perfect scene.  You’re welcome, child, as your children will be welcome, and theirs, long after Captain Rogers makes his final journey to that beach.

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