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I’m a lifelong Hoosier. And I believe in good, old-fashioned, common sense American values.   I love my country. My family. And my God.

I’m a Constitutional Conservative. I have a deep respect for Ronald Reagan. Margaret
Thatcher. Winston Churchill. Milton Friedman. WIlliam F. Buckley. Thomas Sowell. And the Founding Fathers. I’m an avid listener of Rush Limbaugh, and I greatly admire Mark Levin.

My Dad is a Union Democrat. Yeah, that’s right. We can’t talk about politics. Ever.

I love people and consider myself a people-person, though I haven’t always been one. It took hard lessons for me to understand that the 2 most important things in life are God & people., I’m a Christian & have been ever since Jesus saved me at FCA football camp in Marshall, Indiana in 1993. I believe the Bible is His Holy Word. And that Jesus is the Way. The Truth. The Life.

I’m an athlete. Ok, so I’m a former athlete. I ran track & played basketball & football in high school. And I played football at Butler University. Sports taught me to be tenacious. To never give up. To work incredibly hard and make big sacrifices to accomplish a goal. In other words, to not be a Liberal.

I studied political science & philosophy in college. I have stories of professors & classmates ridiculing my Conservatism. And insulting my Christianity. I share these from time-to-time on my show. But I don’t regret any of these experiences. In fact, they’ve prepared me & sharpened me. Their anger & insecurities don’t bother me at all. It was actually great practice for dealing with discontented Liberals.

I’ve been a dishwasher. A deli worker. A construction hand. A roofer. A corn detasseling team leader. A farm hand. A horse farmer. A farm manager. A substitute teacher. A coach.  A school board member. A salesman. A marketer. A non-profit executive. An entrepreneur.  A teacher & preacher of Christianity.

I’m the husband of a beautiful, patient woman -and the daddy of 3 beautiful children – 1 son and 2 daughters. We home school. Yes, we’re “those people.” But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

All of these experiences have come together to inspire to me to produce my Conservative talk show -The Antidote to Liberalism. It’s fun. It’s educational. It’s energizing. And it’s totally free.

Why not give it a try?