Two federal agents operating under the umbrella of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) are claiming that eight Syrian illegal aliens attempted to enter Texas from Mexico in the Laredo Sector. The federal agents spoke with Breitbart Texas on the condition of anonymity, however, a local president of the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) confirmed […]

U.S. Humanitarian Aid Going to ISIS – The Daily Beast

GAZIANTEP, Turkey—While U.S. warplanes strike at the militants of the so-called Islamic State in both Syria and Iraq, truckloads of U.S. and Western aid has been flowing into territory controlled by the jihadists, assisting them to build their terror-inspiring “caliphate.” The aid—mainly food and medical equipment—is meant for Syrians displaced from their hometowns, and for […]

Only Obama Thinks Wars Are Always Optional | The American Spectator

Some pundits are saying that President Obama has been floundering in his response to the ISIS crisis because public opinion polls show most Americans don’t want another war. In all my 84 years, I cannot recall a time when most Americans wanted war. That is something we should be proud of. But wars are not […]

Obama Throws Mini Tantrum, Huffs Off After Reporter Asks Him a Question About Syria – Katie Pavlich

Yesterday at the White House, a female reporter asked President Obama a question about the war in Syria. She asked the question just before Obama announced plans to keep 9800 troops in Afghanistan and as the President was wrapped up a White House science fair. Instead of calmly deflecting her question, Obama scolded her and […]

Ineptitude at the Top | The Weekly Standard

When President Obama abruptly called off the bombing strike on Syria and decided to seek the approval of Congress, he surprised no one more than French president François Hollande. France, the only country set to join the United States in the raid, was left in the lurch. Hollande was humiliated and isolated. Now, if an […]

Syria weapons deal averts US military move for now | CNS News

GENEVA (AP) — A diplomatic breakthrough Saturday on securing and destroying Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile averted the threat of U.S. military action for the moment and could swing momentum toward ending a horrific civil war. Marathon negotiations between U.S. and Russian diplomats at a Geneva hotel produced a sweeping agreement that will require one of […]

American Thinker: Obama’s Syria address to the nation flops

It was all too obvious last night that the only reason President Obama gave his speech to the nation was that it would have been too embarrassing to cancel it. The result was inconsistent and unsatisfying at any level. (Transcript here) Obama commandeered the nation’s airwaves to call for a “diplomatic pause” in a Congressional […]

Putin and Kerry give Obama an out on Syria strike | The Daily Caller

White House officials are considering a Russian offer to corral Syrian chemical weapons in exchange for canceling planned U.S. airstrikes. The deal could avoid an U.S. airstrike and hand President Barack Obama an apparent diplomatic success, amid polls that show rising U.S. opposition to any airstrikes. But it also would likely shield Syria’s dictatorial regime […]

Critics see contradictions in Obama administration’s Syria claims – latimes.com

WASHINGTON –- The planned military strikes on Syria would be “targeted, limited” and wouldn’t seek to topple the government of President Bashar Assad or even force it to peace talks. They would also be punishing and “consequential” and would so scare Assad that he would never use chemical weapons again. U.S. airstrikes would change the […]

The American Spectator : Obama’s Half-Assad War

He is the “armchair weekend warrior” he once decried. In Obama’s 2002 speech against the Iraq war, he scoffed at “armchair weekend warriors” who pursue “dumb” and “rash” interventions. As if to punctuate that he has become what he once opposed, Obama went golfing on Saturday right after announcing his plans to bomb Syria. Not […]