Krauthammer RIPS Rand: His ‘Ignorance Really Astonishes Me’ For Blaming GOP Hawks For ISIS [AUDIO] – The Daily Caller

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer tore apart Sen. Rand Paul Friday for saying earlier in week the “hawks” in the Republican Party were to blame for the rise of ISIS. Appearing on “The Hugh Hewitt Show,” Krauthammer told the host Paul’s “ignorance really astonishes me” before laying out his dissent point-by-point. The commentator ripped Paul’s statements […]

Rand Paul: ‘I’m running for president’ – POLITICO

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — After watching his father try for the presidency and fail three separate times, Rand Paul on Tuesday officially embarked on his own White House bid, a campaign designed to tap into Ron Paul’s legacy without being suffocated by it. Paul kicked off the launch on Tuesday with an emailed fundraising solicitation, ahead […]

Rand Paul seems to stray from libertarian roots as he courts GOP base – The Washington Post

When the presidential buzz began building around Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) a couple of years ago, the expectation was that his libertarian ideas could make him the most unusual and intriguing voice among the major contenders in the 2016 field. But now, as he prepares to make his formal announcement Tuesday, Paul is a candidate […]