Job creation misses big in September – CNBC

The U.S. economy created 142,000 jobs in September, a number that missed expectations and could cool expectations that the Federal Reserve will start raising interest rates soon. Unemployment held at 5.1 percent, according to the Labor Department. A separate member that includes those who are working part-time for economic reasons or have not looked for […]

Great fall of China sinks world stocks, dollar tumbles – Reuters

LONDON (Reuters) – Alarm bells rang across world markets on Monday as a near 9 percent dive in China shares and a sharp drop in the dollar and major commodities panicked investors. European stocks were almost 3 percent in the red and Wall Street was braced for similar losses after Asian shares slumped to 3-year […]

Marco Rubio Schools Jeb Bush on Foreign Policy – The Daily Beast

Marco Rubio proved he can hang with the big hawks in his first foreign policy speech since he declared his run for president. The student has now become the teacher. Sen. Marco Rubio, once viewed as a protege of presidential competitor Jeb Bush, schooled the former Florida governor Wednesday evening in the first national security […]

Obama’s ‘record-breaking’ economy – American Thinker

Corporate profits are sky-high, Wall Street is on an historic winning streak – and President Obama must be extremely grateful that commentary about his framework nuclear deal with Iran sucked up all the media oxygen so that the terrible jobs report that came out on Friday was largely ignored. Zero Hedge gives us the macro […]

Obama Vetoes Keystone Pipeline – Conn Carroll

President Obama vetoed legislation authorizing construction of the Keystone Pipeline Tuesday without any ceremony or photographers on hand. “Through this bill, the United States Congress attempts to circumvent longstanding and proven processes for determining whether or not and operating a cross-border pipeline serves the national interest,” Obama’s official veto statement read. The “longstanding and proven” process Obama referred […]

A Referendum on Competence | National Review Online

Is this election really about nothing? Democrats might like to think so, but it’s not. First, like all U.S. elections, it’s about the economy. The effect of the weakest recovery in two generations is reflected in President Obama’s 13-point underwater ratings for his handling of the economy. Moreover, here is a president who proclaims the […]

Obama Renews Work Permits for 520,000 Illegals | The Daily Caller

President Barack Obama is renewing his two-year amnesty for at least 550,000 younger illegal immigrants, and is rolling back education requirements and anti-fraud measures. “Obama’s extension of his unilaterally-created immigration program not only violates his constitutional duty to enforce the law, but the changes he made to it proactively invite fraud and abuse,” said a […]

Both at Home and Abroad, Obama’s Presidency is Floundering – Donald Lambro

WASHINGTON — Barack Obama is getting a number of critical report cards on his foreign and domestic policies lately. Here at home, Janet Yellen, in her first monetary policy address as the head of the Federal Reserve Board, said the labor markets were still weak, and that it will likely take two years or more […]

Was Chattanooga, Tennessee the Waterloo for the United Auto Workers Union?

The union bosses in Detroit wanted to swindle 1,550 workers at the Volkswagen manufacturing plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee into joining the United Auto Workers union (UAW). It would have been the first union victory against the workers of the “transplant” companies such as Volkswagen, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, and other auto companies that have brought thousands of jobs to […]

Analysis: Obamacare Will Reduce Compensation By Over a Trillion Dollars | The Weekly Standard

New analysis by the minority-side of the Senate Budget Committee finds that Obamacare will reduce compensation by more than $1 trillion between 2017-2024. Analysts in that office have produced this chart to show the lost compensation by year: As the chart shows, the lost compensation increases every year from an estimated $108 billion in 2017 […]

CBO Director: Obamacare ‘Creates a Disincentive for People to Work’ | CNS News

( – The subsidies that help low-income people buy expensive health insurance are a ‘disincentive for people to work,” Douglas Elmendorf, director of the Congressional Budget Office, told Congress on Wednesday. “What the Affordable Care Act does, is to provide subsidies focused on lower- and lower-middle-income people to buy health insurance. And in order to […]

Wall Street adviser: Actual unemployment is 37.2%, ‘misery index’ worst in 40 years |

Don’t believe the happy talk coming out of the White House, Federal Reserve and Treasury Department when it comes to the real unemployment rate and the true “Misery Index.” Because, according to an influential Wall Street advisor, the figures are a fraud. In a memo to clients provided to Secrets, David John Marotta calculates the […]

1,687,000 Fewer Americans Have Jobs Today Than 6 Years Ago | CNS News

( – Although the number of people who had jobs in the United States increased by 143,000 from November to December, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, that still left 1,687,000 fewer Americans holding jobs than held jobs six years ago in December 2007—the month the last recession began. In November, 144,443,000 Americans were […]

Hiring Slows in December; Only 74,000 Jobs Added, Fewest in 3 Years | CNS News

( – The economy added only 74,000 non-farm jobs in December, the fewest in three years. Yet the unemployment rate dropped 0.3 points to 6.7 percent — the first time in 60 months it has dropped below 7 percent, the Labor Department announced on Friday. With so few jobs added, the jobless rate still went […]

Census Bureau accused of falsifying unemployment numbers | Human Events

If this story from the New York Post is confirmed, it’s one of the blockbuster stories of the decade.  It looks as if suspicions that the Labor Department’s unemployment surveys include false data have been borne out: In the home stretch of the 2012 presidential campaign, from August to September, the unemployment rate fell sharply — raising […]

American Thinker: Obama: The Most Dangerous of Morons

There have been bad presidents — see Jimmy Carter.  Yet has there ever been a president as staggeringly incompetent as Barack Obama?  Really, can there be any other explanation for his performance as president than the man is, well…a moron? Let’s face it, we all know them.  They are the people who either started out […]

Census Bureau: Means-Tested Gov’t Benefit Recipients Outnumber Full-Time Year-Round Workers | CNS News

( – Americans who were recipients of means-tested government benefits in 2011 outnumbered year-round full-time workers, according to data released this month by the Census Bureau. They also out-numbered the total population of the Philippines. There were 108,592,000 people in the United States in the fourth quarter of 2011 who were recipients of one or […]

Census on Obama’s 1st Term: Real Median Income Down $2,627; People in Poverty Up 6,667,000; Record 46,496,000 Now Poor | CNS News

( – During the four years that marked President Barack Obama’s first term in office, the real median income of American households dropped by $2,627 and the number of people in poverty increased by approximately 6,667,000, according to data released today by the Census Bureau. The record total of approximately 46,496,000 people in the United […]

90,473,000: Record Number Not in Labor Force–Up Almost 10M Under Obama | CNS News

( – The number of Americans who are 16 years or older and who have decided not to participate in the nation’s labor force has pushed past 90,000,000 for the first time, according to data released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The BLS counts a person as participating in the labor force if […]

Number of Gov’t Workers Up 324,000 in One Month – Private Sector Down 278,000 | CNS News

( – The number of workers employed by the government went up 324,000 between July and August while the number of workers in the private sector declined 278,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). In the employment numbers released today, the BLS shows there were 20,041,000 government workers in July 2013. In August, […]