Obama’s ongoing assault on the Constitution | Human Events

One of the many reasons constitutional conservatives consider President Obama a threat to the Constitution is his disdain for the separation of powers, illustrated most recently in his plan to bypass the Senate in making an arms deal with Iran. The Framers understood that throughout history, the real threat to God-given liberty had been centralized, […]

Ted Cruz: ‘Obama’s Lawlessness’ Responsible for Spike in Illegal Immigration

A sharp spike in illegal immigration has caused facilities and resources along the U.S.-Mexico border to become overwhelmed. As a result, U.S. Border Patrol has been releasing thousands of illegal immigrants onto U.S. soil each week. Some released immigrants are even criminals–as Breitbart Texas previously reported, more than 36,000 convicted criminal illegal aliens were released […]

Confiscatory: Peyton Manning Could Pay New Jersey 101.8% of Super Bowl Earnings in Taxes

If Peyton Manning loses the Super Bowl to the Seattle Seahawks and decides to play another year, he will have to pay the state of New Jersey more than he earned during the game in taxes. K. Sean Packard, also known as @AthleteTax, did an analysis for Forbes and noted that the winner’s share in […]

Millennial Communists | National Review Online

‘In America,” Oscar Wilde quipped, “the young are always ready to give to those who are older than themselves the full benefits of their inexperience.” And they often do it in the pages of Rolling Stone. Last week, the magazine posted a mini-manifesto titled “Five Economic Reforms Millennials Should Be Fighting For.” After confirming that […]

If you like your God, you can keep Him | Human Events

On Nov. 1, the Gilardi brothers, devout Roman Catholics who operate their own fresh produce business in Ohio, won round two in a battle against the White House. The Obama administration tried to claim that freedom of religion means freedom to pray, not necessarily to practice your beliefs. Once you leave church, you have to […]