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Secure Freedom Radio is characterized by its high caliber guests in leading military and policy making positions.

Recent and frequent guests include Andy McCarthy, Civil Rights leader Niger Innis, former CIA director James Woolsey, Senator Jim Talent, Congressman Mike Pence, Newt Gingrch, John Bolton, and former AG Michael Mukasey.

Secure Freedom Radio will provide you with access to the very best minds working to keep you free and secure.

Our guests and regular contributors will include past and present government officials, lawmakers, military personnel, experts, journalists, commentators and freedom fighters, from here and abroad.

In addition, Secure Freedom Radio will feature regular segments with ordinary Americans doing what we have done in every generation: Find innovative ways to secure our homeland from threats, foreign and domestic.

You can count on Secure Freedom Radio with Frank Gaffney to keep you informed about those threats. We will tell you what people like you can do to help defeat them. And we will work to inspire you to become engaged, however you choose to do so.

After all, the survival of American democracy in an increasingly dangerous world depends on an informed electorate.

With your help and that of Secure Freedom Radio, we can ensure that our children and grandchildren inherit all the freedoms and opportunities that have made this country the place we love, the place Ronald Reagan called “a shining city on a hill.”.

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