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Second Chinese Spy Ship Signals China Watching Australia Very Closely: Experts

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Beijing’s decision to spy on the U.S.-Australian wargames is a sign the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is keeping an “eye” on Australia and its democratic allies, according to experts. The comments follow recent reports that two Chinese spy ships were headed towards the Australian coast to monitor Talisman Sabre, the largest biennial training exercise between the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and the United States military. “The message Beijing is sending, particularly to Australians, is that we’ve got eyes on you and are watching very closely. I think for a nation of Australia’s size, it’s a little destabilising,” Joseph Siracusa, adjunct professor of the history of international diplomacy at Curtin University, said. “Keep in mind right now, they (Australian ministers) can’t get anywhere in China, or have any minister pick up the phone,” he told The Epoch Times. “The fact that (the CCP) is sending military ships to gather information and …

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