Robert Kennedy Jr Accuses Fauci of Developing Bioweapons for the Pentagon

Robert Kennedy Jr accused Anthony Fauci of orchestration a bio-weapons arms race and as a result – the infamous covid-19 infectious disease.

Kennedy said, “The Pentagon was very worried about actually launching a full-blown bioweapons arms race. Because they said nobody, you know, this is very sketchy. The Patriot Act, you know, exemptions are very sketchy. And people don’t even know about it.”

The Patriot Act, officially known as the USA PATRIOT Act, is a law enacted by the U.S. government after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The law grants broad powers to law enforcement agencies to investigate and prevent acts of terrorism. One provision of the Patriot Act allows for exemptions to be made for research and development of biological weapons for defensive purposes.

Kennedy Jr. suggested that the Pentagon was concerned about the potential consequences of launching a full-blown bioweapons arms race, in part because of the sketchy nature of the Patriot Act exemptions. The exemptions under the Patriot Act allow for research and development of biological weapons for defensive purposes, but this provision may be open to interpretation and misuse, leading to potential concerns about bioweapons proliferation.

He continued, “Fauci built all these new labs at BU, at Galveston to do his shenanigans. And so, three of the bugs escaped and they received publicity. They made smallpox and a lot of really bad things. And then Congress held hearings on it. Everybody was angry. These bugs escaped and 300 scientists, top scientists, sent letters to Obama saying you’ve got to shut down Anthony Fauci because he’s going to create a pandemic.”

“Obama ordered him to shut them all down, but he didn’t.”

“He instead moved his stuff offshore to Wuhan where he could do it out of sight of these 300 scientists and nosy White House officials who were trying to shut them down.”

The international community has taken steps to address the threat of bioweapons, including the Biological Weapons Convention, which bans the development, production, and stockpiling of biological weapons. However, concerns remain about the potential for countries or organizations to violate this convention and engage in a bioweapons arms race.


Robert Kennedy Jr. tells Jimmy Dore that Dr. Anthony Fauci has been in charge of developing bioweapons for the Pentagon since 2002, and in 2014, three viruses escaped from US labs, so he moved his bioweapons research to the Wuhan lab: “They took the money that Cheney gave them…… https://t.co/eeeL7DLikv pic.twitter.com/AEmo5VDWSY

— Paul Kikos (@PKikos) March 14, 2023

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