Gov. Greg Abbott introduces the Texas Plan to revive and defend our founding document.

My governor, the Honorable Greg Abbott of Texas, sallied forth the other day with a plan to revise the Constitution in the interest of returning power to the people. Because of this antique notion, whole cans of rhetorical trash have been emptied on my governor’s head.

I don’t wonder at all. When you propose reversing the present national direction, rolling back half a century and more of concentrated power in Washington, D.C., you don’t expect valentines. The “progressive” establishment loves what it has gained through riding down constitutional limits. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are pledged to the objective of more and more rules in Washington, D.C., never mind what limits the Constitution would appear to impose on that goal.

I do wonder about something else. Gov. Abbott has as much chance of enacting his full nine-point “Texas Plan” as Barack Obama has of falling out with the New York Times. I think we need, all the same, to praise the governor for embarrassing the political establishment with a catalogue of its sins against constitutional government.

Not that the Constitution itself is broken, Abbott emphasizes. “What is broken is our nation’s willingness to obey the Constitution and to hold our leaders accountable to it.’’ All three branches of government “have wandered far from the roles that the Constitution sets out for them…. We have forgotten what our Constitution means, and with that amnesia, we also have forgotten what it means to be governed by laws instead of men” — or women, you could add in view of present political circumstances.

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