Red State Talk Radio reaches new milestone

Red State Talk Radio Announcement (Philadelphia, PA), June 25, 2016 – Red State Talk Radio (RSTR), “the dominant voice in conservative politics” is pleased to announce that June 2016 has already surpassed our all time record for number of listeners.  We would like to take this moment to thank our fans, listeners, top talented show hosts, and partners who help make it all possible.

We are honored that Red State Talk Radio consistently reaches the top of the list for most listened to programs on Talk Stream Live.  Please take a moment to listen to our programs on both channels using the Talk Stream Live featured players for either one of our channels. The image featured here is from Saturday, June 25, 2016 during our airing of Paul Preston’s Agenda 21 Radio. @a21rpaul

Red State Talk Radio TSL Listen Player

Red State Talk Radio Encore TSL Listen Player