Place your bets! Who will be gone after Rick Perry? – The American Thinker


Before we speculate on who will be the next to drop out of the GOP presidential race, I think we should show a moment of respect for Rick Perry.  Even Donald Trump was very nice to Perry, calling him an honorable man:

Rick Perry failed at the border. Now he is critical of me. He needs a new pair of glasses to see the crimes committed by illegal immigrants.

Oh, sorry, that’s an earlier quote from Trump’s Twitter feed, from July 5.  Interesting how two months can change your view of a man!

I was never hot for Perry because he claimed to be tough on illegal immigration but was anything but.  He made a much publicized move to send Texas’s National Guard to the border, but they did not detain a single illegal.  Perry also signed legislation creating an entire university system where lessons are taught in Spanish, presumably for illegals, and he also supported in-state tuition for illegal aliens – if they could get past the National Guard, one assumes.

But worst of all, Perry was bumbling and inarticulate.  And Trump was right about one thing: wearing glasses straight out of Old Navy commercials didn’t help.

So who will go next?  Here is my ranking, from least to most likely:

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