Obama’s Nuclear Framework Agreement is a Hoax – American Thinker


It is a sad moment in American history when the supreme leader of the Islamic dictatorship of Iran is much more believable than President Obama. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was correct when he said on April 9, that the White House is lying about what the Americans call a framework agreement regarding the Iranian nuclear program.

Obama is untruthful when he repeatedly claims that Iran has agreed to a detailed and comprehensive Nuclear Framework agreement. Iran has never signed or agreed to the Framework Agreement. The Framework Agreement with its many specific numbers, productions limits, and specific deadlines is an Obama and Kerry wish list of their own best case scenario of a futuristic agreement.

Two documents were produced in Switzerland on April 2. The first document is a detailed U.S. fact sheet titled “Parameters for a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action regarding the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Nuclear Program” which the Americans refer to as “The Framework Agreement”, which Obama, Kerry and the media have repeatedly discussed. The second document is a thin, page and a half statement read jointly by European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif which lacked any of the details, numbers, and deadlines mentioned in the Framework Agreement. Those two documents contradict each other on many points and reveal Obama and Kerry’s dangerous lies.

As David Ignatius, a well- known columnist for the Washington Post, wrote ”the late-night sessions and threats to break off the talks weren’t enough to get Iran to commit formally to the terms the United States laid out in a meticulous, four-page list of “parameters” for a binding “joint comprehensive plan.” “The Iranians instead postponed that sign-off to another day, after the final, final negotiations”. He concluded that the Framework agreement “looks like a pretty good deal. I just wish it were signed”.

It seems that after failing desperately for months to convince the Iranians to agree to any concessions on an interim nuclear deal, Kerry and Obama decided to create something from nothing and to sell it to all as if the Iranians agree to it. Sadly, the majority of the world including the U.S. and Israeli media, lacking any journalistic integrity, chose to trust and adopt the Obama and Kerry version and applauded it as a detailed, comprehensive and “ better deal than expected ” while ignoring the Iranian version.

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