Microsoft to Shut Down LinkedIn in China Following Censorship Criticism

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Microsoft is abandoning its local version of LinkedIn in China, a move that would close off the last major U.S.-owned networking platforms remaining in the country. LinkedIn entered mainland China in 2014, a country known for its highly restrictive censorship practices set by the ruling Communist Party. The platform now boasts about 53 million local users, or roughly 7 percent of its global total. But the professional networking site has recently drawn growing criticism over its move to block the profiles of researchers and others whose work involves China. In a statement on Oct. 14, LinkedIn said that it made the decision to discontinue the seven-year venture upon facing “a significantly more challenging operating environment and greater compliance requirements in China.” In its place, LinkedIn said it will later this year set up a new job search application called InJobs without a social feed or post sharing features. “While we’ve …

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