Messaging Program Slack Kicked Federation for American Immigration Reform Off Platform

The following article, Messaging Program Slack Kicked Federation for American Immigration Reform Off Platform, was first published on Big League Politics.

When the ruling class can’t curtail free speech, it will gladly outsource free-speech destroying functions to the private sector.

Task management company Slack demonstrated this emerging dynamic when it decided to ban the immigration patriot group Federation for American Immigration (FAIR) from using any of its services.

And why did it get banned from using Slack’s services? 

Simply for FAIR allegedly violating Slack’s terms of service.

An employee from Slack told  FAIR about the ban on April 15, 2022 but did not provide any specific details about how the organization violated the company’s “Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy,” according to emails the Washington Free Beacon was able to obtain. 

What FAIR is facing is similar to what other organizations on the Right have to cope with in this era of cancellation and mass censorship. The Free Beacon noted that this “move appears to be the first against a domestic nonprofit.”

Per Slack’s terms of service, Slack does not allow clients to participate “in activity that incites or encourages violence or hatred against individuals or groups.”

FAIR president Dan Stein sent Slack an email on June 16 where he urged the company “preserve all internal communications involving this decision in anticipation of probable litigation.” Stein also claimed that Slack’s action constituted a breach of contract in how it took down FAIR’s account without even notifying the anti-open borders organization or giving them a warning beforehand. 

“You should be advised that FAIR is well aware that there are government actors who are actively trying to censor Americans’ right to freedom of speech and their use of tech platforms, including particular individuals at the Department of Homeland Security,” Stein declared. “Evidence that there was intervention by government officials in this matter would be of supreme interest not only to FAIR but to the general public.”

The Free Beacon was able to get in contact with a Slack spokesman who said it kicked off FAIR due how it violated the company’s policy banning incitement of hatred or violence. In addition, it alleged that the immigration restriction group is “affiliated with a known hate group.”

“When we learn of an organization using Slack for illegal, harmful or other prohibited purposes, we conduct an investigation and take appropriate action in accordance with our policy,” the spokesman stated.

Stein believes Slack’s actions should concern other right-wing organizations heading into the 2022 midterm elections.

“You could be next,” Stein proclaimed.

BLP previously reported on VDARE being booted from its domain name registrar and YouTube channel. Mass migration is one of the holy sacraments of the managerial regime. Given how sensitive the issue is to the regime, it will go to great lengths to censor anyone who dares challenge the issue.

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