Massive Confusion Coming in 2012 – AudioGraphics

Its taken over a decade for the radio industry to put effort into its online initiatives. Ignoring an oncoming train has left nearly all of radio in an uncomfortable position of defending its turf instead of dominating the online audio landscape.

However, within the past 12 months, there have been more headlines at trade publications about everything from social networking to realizing theres a growing threat from the digital dashboard. Just the act of Clear Channel-owned “Inside Radio” taking a more active role in reporting how the internet affects radio shows that someone from above – in that company – is pushing things in a direction that the publication ignored for so long. “Where I see the radio industry through the next 12 months is embracing more of what is being requested of it, not by choice but by necessity.”

Though nothing is going to overshadow what well experience in 2012 as budget belts tighten even more, today lets try and point to a few items on the horizon. It may give you a shot at making sense of chaos – possibly even benefitting from it

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