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Laredo Sues Biden Over ‘Flood’ of Illegal Immigrants Brought Into City

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The city of Laredo, Texas, is suing the Biden administration in an attempt to stop the transfer of thousands of illegal immigrants from among those apprehended in the Rio Grande Valley and Del Rio to the city. Laredo officials say in the complaint that they were recently advised that Border Patrol intends to double the number of illegal immigrants brought to Laredo from the Rio Grande Valley—from about 150 individuals to 300 per day. The lawsuit is asking for a temporary restraining order and an emergency hearing on the issue. It was filed on July 16 in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas. City officials say local NGOs that assist illegal immigrants are overwhelmed and the number of illegal immigrants being released without COVID-19 testing has increased. “As Laredo is an underserved medical community with limited resources, it simply cannot accommodate a surge in COVID-19 positives,” …

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