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The shooting scene hadn’t even been evacuated, a final casualty count determined or the perpetrators even named, when the President Obama, former Secretary of State Clinton and a plethora of leftist pundits began their strident cries for “common sense gun safety laws.” Notwithstanding the proven inefficacy of such laws, the leftists continue to promote them. What’s worse, not only do these laws not work, but in the case of mass shootings, they greatly increase the casualty count in a mass-shooting situation.

There is a reason mass killers choose gun free zones. They want to murder the greatest number of people in the shortest possible time. In a gun free zone, governments and sometimes even private entities use the force of law to preclude effective resistance, relying on a rapid response from police forces. However, as the old saw goes, “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”

This was glaringly true in San Bernardino. Police arrived on the scene in minutes, just in time to evacuate the wounded and unhurt and sadly, to count the dead. The killers? Gone, to be later killed in a shootout with police.

The above is most certainly not to disparage law enforcement. Law Enforcement did a stellar job. Like most of the men and women in that profession I have had the privilege to work with, these warriors, despite their own personal risk, “ran to the sound of the guns,” one ending up wounded in the roadside shootout. As last reported, he was “going to be OK.” Rapid and effective police work led to finding the killers and sending them to their reward. The police and other first responders were heroes, all.

But, that’s not the point. In mass shootings, the critical issue is time. It is borderline axiomatic that no matter how many gun laws we enact or how many unconstitutional federal regulations the President signs off on, none of these can ever prevent a determined killer from gaining access to a firearm and getting off the first shot — not one or any combination of them.  All the President’s and former Secretary’s platitudes notwithstanding, that’s the way it is. Period. Full stop.

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