Iran claims new, advanced nuclear centrifuges – CBS News

Iran boasted a new “generation” of nuclear centrifuges that will allow the nation to enrich uranium at a faster pace, CBS News correspondent Charlie D’Agata reported on “CBS This Morning” Wednesday.

A semiofficial Iranian news outlet reported that the country started using new, fourth-generation domestically made centrifuges at its Natanz uranium enrichment site. Iran revealed several other nuclear advances, including the production of its first domestically engineered fuel rods, or plates, for the nuclear research reactor in Tehran.

Western experts Wednesday morning cast doubt on Iran’s claims that its centrifuges have reached the fourth-generation capabilities, saying that the Iranians have been struggling to reach second- or third-generation centrifuges. At any rate, the Iranians claim the centrifuges have a higher speed and production capacity. But Iran has exaggerated its nuclear capabilities before.

CBS News national security analyst Juan Zarate told Charlie Rose that Iran has good reason for issuing continuous announcements on its nuclear program in the face of pressure from the international community.

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