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Here’s one of those impossible logical conundrums, of the sort that Captain Kirk could use to short-circuit a killer robot: who’s lying, Barack Obama or Iran?  Because Iran says the Obama White House is lying about their nuclear weapons agreement.  And their charges are quite plausible, especially to Americans who have grown wearily familiar with the Obama brand of dishonest politics.  From the Washington Free Beacon:

The White House released a multi-page fact sheet containing details of the draft agreement shortly after the deal was announced.

However, Iranian foreign ministry official on Tuesday rejected the White House’s version of the deal as “invalid” and accused Washington of releasing a factually inaccurate primer that misleads the American public.

“What has been released by the website of the White House as a fact sheet is a one-sided interpretation of the agreed text in Geneva and some of the explanations and words in the sheet contradict the text of the Joint Plan of Action, and this fact sheet has unfortunately been translated and released in the name of the Geneva agreement by certain media, which is not true,” Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkhamtold the Iranian press on Tuesday.

Afkham and officials said that the White House has “modified” key details of the deal and released their own version of the agreement in the fact sheet.

The big sticking point is Iran’s “right to enrich uranium,” which the theocracy is very keen on insisting they have secured from the hapless Obama foreign policy team, even though the deal has not been finalized yet.  They certainly don’t seem worried about spooking the U.S. away from the bargaining table.  Iranian president Hassan Rouhani immediately took to Twitter to proclaim that his talks with the Obama Administration “progressed in such a way that the rights of the Iranian nation to peaceful nuclear energy and enrichment were acknowledged by world powers.”

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