Hillary shrugs off question about whether she ‘wiped’ her server clean – ‘What, like with a cloth or something?’ – as she insists ‘I did not send classified material’ on her secret email account- Daily Mail


  • Clinton told reporters she is sure she never sent or received ‘material that was marked or designated classified’ through her private email account 
  • Such a marking or stamp, she said, ‘is the way you know whether something is’ classified
  • An aide to a Republican member of the Senate Intelligence Committee fired back:  The way you decide if something is classified, when you’re the secretary of state, isn’t looking for a stamp. It’s looking at the contents’
  • ‘This is the worst buck-passing I’ve seen since Hillary’s husband decided there was more than one way to define the word “is”‘

‘What, like with a cloth or something?’ Clinton chuckled? ‘Well, no. I don’t know how it works digitally at all.’

The contentious exchanges with reporters from CNN and Fox News came during a press conference following a town hall event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Clinton stuck to the most recent version of her denial that she may have exposed state secrets to prying eyes by exclusively using a non-secure email account, hosted in her upstate New York home, during the four years she was secretary of state.

‘Whether it was a personal account or a government account,’ she said, ‘I did not send classified material. And I did not receive any material that was marked or designated classified – which is the way you know whether something is.’

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