Grand jury indicts Alabama National Guardsman on federal cocaine charge

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A federal grand jury has indicted an Alabama National Guard soldier on cocaine trafficking allegations.

Homeland Security Investigations agents arrested 21-year-old Derrick Terelle Sankey Sept. 13 during a sting after federal authorities had received information several days prior that he was involved in moving and distributing drugs.

Agents arrested Sankey, who was in uniform and driving a Border Patrol vehicle at the time, at a Whataburger in Hidalgo where he had agreed to pick up a kilogram of cocaine that he would deliver to the DoubleTree hotel in McAllen.

“Sankey admitted that he believed the person he received the package from had brought the package from Mexico into the United States. Sankey admitted that he was to be paid $1,000 for his efforts,” the complaint stated.

Instead, agents arrested him on the spot.

Sankey faces a single count of knowingly and intentionally possessing a kilogram of cocaine with the intent to distribute it.

He is scheduled to be arraigned on the indictment late next week.

He remained free Thursday on a $50,000 bond, records show.


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