Gorsuch to Face Landmark Church-State Case in First Month

Justice Neil Gorsuch of Colorado’s 10th District Court was sworn in as the 113th Supreme Court Justice on April 10,  replacing the seat previously held by Justice Antonin Scalia who passed away in February 2016. Gorsuch, who holds the originalist view of the Constitution espoused by Justice Scalia restores the conservative-liberal balance of the court.

One of Gorsuch’s first cases will be Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia, Inc. v. Pauley, which is reported to be one of the biggest church-state cases in recent history. The 2013 lawsuit concerns the Trinity Lutheran Learning Center, a preschool at Trinity Lutheran Church in Columbia Missouri which was denied state funds to improve the surface at its playground by replacing gravel with a recycled rubber material. The state of Missouri denied the funds on the basis of the Blaine Amendment, an 1875 Missouri Constitutional amendment which prohibits federal funds from being used “in aid of any church”. The lower court’s ruling was upheld by the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals in 2015.

Trinity has significance in that it raises the question of whether excluding churches and church affiliated institutions from a neutral and secular aid program violates the “Free Exercise and Equal Protection clauses” when a state has no valid “Establishment Clause” concern. Said another way, the envelope could be pushed to the point where a religious affiliated institution is denied government funded fire or police protection. Furthermore, the case has tremendous national importance in that 37 states have a law similar to Missouri’s on their books.

Judicial analysts maintain that Judge Gorsuch’s past record shows a propensity for supporting the concept that religious institutions should still be eligible to receive government funding.

Suffice it to say, Trinity will be a very closely watched case as the ruling could set a super precedent. Trinity is scheduled to be heard by the Supreme Court on April 19.

Leonora Cravotta is the Program & Talent Director for Red State Talk Radio, the Co-Host for the Scott Adams Show, a political radio talk show, and a syndicated writer for conservative publications.