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Former Top Pentagon Scientist Casts Doubt on Subsidizing Chip Manufacturing

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Amid a growing push in Washington to subsidize domestic computer chip production so the United States can maintain its technological lead over China, a prominent former U.S. government scientist has warned that such a policy could be counterproductive and antithetical to American values. Nineteen trade associations urged congressional leaders in a joint letter dated July 22 to pass the CHIPS for America Act—a bill that would allocate $52 billion for the promotion of the U.S. semiconductor manufacturing industry. The letter followed a House Subcommittee on Strategic Technologies and Advanced Research (STAR) hearing on microelectronics, at which multiple participants on July 20 also expressed support for the legislation. Semiconductors, or chips, play a vital role in the economy, helping power computers, smartphones, and numerous other technologies. Chips have been in short supply in recent months as a result of supply chain disruptions stemming from COVID-19-related government lockdowns. Much of the semiconductor supply chain …

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