Floridians Frustrated With Surge in COVID-19 and Violent Crime Related to Illegal Immigration

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While the Biden administration has imposed a vaccine mandate on American citizens, thousands of illegal immigrants are being released into the population with no vaccination requirements. Meanwhile, the number of violent crimes are escalating in areas where illegal immigrants are settling. Some call it “extremely frustrating.” Others call it “sheer stupidity.” Mindy Hodge of Clermont in Lake County, Florida, has been following the numbers on illegal immigration in her area. Her interest in tracking the statistics began when her father-in-law was injured in a car accident in Lake Worth when his car was struck by a vehicle being driven by an illegal immigrant. The individual who struck her father-in-law’s vehicle had no driver’s license and no insurance, leaving her father-in-law responsible for replacing his totaled vehicle and paying his own medical bills with provisions from his own insurance policy. “I was really offended by that,” Hodge told The Epoch Times, …

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