Hillary can run but she can’t hide from a unending increase of negative numbers.

With the drip, drip, drip of the many conflicts of interest which enrich the Clinton family and bedevil Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, one refrain remains constant among the liberal punditry: “These stories are not hurting Hillary’s support among Democrats.”

Even if the claim were true — which appears increasingly dubious — what does persistently strong support for Mrs. Clinton in the face of endless stories of the Clinton Foundation accepting money from foreign countries that had important business before Hillary’s State Department say about Democratic voters?

A Washington Post poll released this week shows 52 percent of Americans saying Hillary is not “honest and trustworthy”; only 41 percent think she is.

A Fox News poll taken at the same time finds 61 percent of registered voters believing it is likely that “the Clintons were selling influence to foreign contributors who made donations to the Clinton Foundation.” Yet only 31 percent of Democrats say they are “concerned about allegations of Hillary Clinton’s dishonesty and unethical behavior.”

(Interestingly, black voters are much more concerned than white voters, and younger voters — perhaps not yet jaded by years of exposure to politicians — are more concerned than older voters. Given the importance to Hillary’s election prospects of turning out blacks and millennials in swing states, this internal data is worth noting.)

In any case, a substantial number of Democrats are, for now, willing to support a candidate whom they believe to be dishonest. A few possible explanations come to mind:

They care much more about their team than anything else.

They hate Republicans so much that it doesn’t matter what their candidate does.

They want to vote for a woman no matter what.
They’re ignorant of the news (which Democratic politicians and operatives know and take advantage of).

It’s probably a combination of all of these.

But when it comes to actually casting a ballot, how many Democrats — and independent voters, who Hillary supporters also say are unmoved by the barrage of stories about Clinton shenanigans — will vote for a person they don’t consider to be honest and trustworthy?
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