Digital radio growth speeds up: forecast. – Inside Radio


With internet radio in phones, cars, game consoles and even refrigerators, it’s no wonder analysts at eMarketer see usage stepping up.  The firm forecasts 169.9 million Americans will listen to digital radio per month in 2015.   That projected 6.1% growth rate compared to last year is an increase from eMarketer’s earlier forecast for 2015 that estimated growth of 5.9%.

As total usage continues to climb, the laws of math mean the year-to-year increases will moderate in the coming years.   But the forecast says internet radio’s reach will be larger than was predicted earlier.  By 2018, eMarketer now estimates 184.8 million Americans will listen to digital radio each month.  That’s up from its 183.4 million forecast released last February.  The updated outlook also predicts that number will climb further to 191.6 million in 2019.  “Digital radio has evolved into a viable, robust digital channel that complements social media, video sites and other mainstream venues,” the report says.

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