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Detained While Pregnant, Families Torn Apart: Two Women Recall Horrors From Being Targets of CCP’s Persecution

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BROOKLYN, N.Y.—The two women’s lives paralleled each other despite having never met. Both were born in China and later fled to New York after nearly two decades of sustained harassment and arrests. Both were detained after having just become pregnant and were threatened to have their babies forcibly aborted. And both declined the one thing that the authorities want them to do: to renounce their belief. They are both adherents of Falun Gong, a meditation practice grounded in the principles of “truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance” that became hugely popular in China three decades ago. In 1999, after the communist regime labeled the practice a threat, Peng Zhaoli from Chongqing in southwestern China and Xia Baozhen from Shanghai—both in their 20s—became targets for local police. So were the rest of the 70 million to 100 million Falun Gong adherents all over China. Peng and Xia, now in their late 40s, joined a nearly …

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